Thursday, June 28, 2018

Sausalito wayerfront church services

After signing away my community property after 16 years of marriage and three children my wife was pressured to divorce me for being a worthless pastor and preacher compared to thier multi-millionaire lifestyle and I survived virtually  pennyless by mainly dumpster diviing for around twenty years and by salvaging and recycling out of dumpsters to the tune of seventy five dumpsters a day....after injuring my back finnally from all the heavy lifting and recycing mental, glass and marine batterries,  as well as dragging for anchors in the bay I had to become a waterfront on the dock of the bay street artist and minister to the tourists with my preforming dogs Caji and my present dog Diamond for the next ten years to survive and  eventually I got disability for my back and qualified for Social Security at age 65, then I rented a meeting hall and kichen and bought food for up to thirty too forty people a week during our church services  on Sundays and substisted the rent also for the meeting hall to the tune of around $800.00 a month for the next two snd a half  years with my co minister amd I conducting services for the poorest of the poor in Sausalito,  before recently being kicked out by the Park Director and accused of bringing the poor and needy to church at the Sausalito City Halll meeting room and kichen which we rented and never got behind the rent  and was accused of bringing down the neigborhood with the poor and needy because of a few bums that the police refused to deal presently I am resting for our next move to get back into the meeting room and to continue having church, even if it means that we can't have church dinners anymore for the poorest of the poor,  even through some are just plain idiots and loud mouths who contribute nothing and the Apostel Paul  taught  to feed your enemies and the ungrateful...415 374 0734 text me for more information ...

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Missionary survey of Egypt culture 1970's by Peter Romanowsky

Missionary Journal into Egypt on scouting mission 1970's by Peter Romanowsky and a rough draft before I forget to document an important event in my life while my inlaws thought I was a fool...this was no luxery cruise up the Nile River...but an intense survey of future missionary activity and this late in coming journal is the ground work for future missionary activity for I allways servey a target area before entering into intebse missionary activity and as a veteran for five missions to Jerusalem alone...After my attefmpt to climb thw Great Pyrimide of Giza and feeling too cloterphobic, to go into the Pyrimde and after hearing an Egyptian telling a lie to a tour groupe that Nepolian blew thw nose odf the Sphinx and more likely the Muslims did it in thier fanaticism against art and obects and anything related to the West including Egypt and the wonder is that they didn't destroy all rhe art icons  and history and probably firgurwd that they could still make a buck out of tourism,  going back centuries and even Herodotus and Plato have to see the country of Temples as one wise man or historian once said and of course Herodotus exclamied that the Nile was the gift of Egypt and I saw with mine own eyes how blue the Nile River was and i will not go back unless I take the Nile Cruise boat to Aswan for I found Egypt to be a very primative and third world country in the 1970's...on my next survey in rhe future and even then onw might not be out of danger from Muslim extremists terrorists and a friend of mine a female doctor who aslsfo is an Anchorout took rhe Nile Cruise ship and witnessed the cook from rhw boat shor in the head for sfmughling drugs, right on the bank of the river decades ago and was so freakwd that she wore a full Burka Musdlim headdress to disguise herself and my experience was gwtying robbed of a cassette player from my back pack that I was virtually sleeping on in a crowded train heading for Aswan and remember seeing a security cop  or border control police on the train pointing stuff to keep it near me and obvioulsy looking for drug smugglers, I thought in my mind and a the people once crossing rhe border from upper Egypt to lower Egypt all were  African looking with reddish dark skin and who would ever know that unless been there, for they all lookwd like President Sadat and thw lighter skinned Egyptions lived bear thw Grwat Pyrimides and the Delta and that was a eye opener to see that the oldest part of Egypt were  darker skinned but you would never know that from all the videos, picyurws and propaganda about who were the oldest or original be continued

Monday, February 19, 2018

Climbing the great Pirimide of Egypy Chapter eight late sixties and early seventies time period by Peter Romanowsky

My jouney into Egpyt late sixties/early Seventies Chapter eight climbing the Great Pyrimide...after a night or two in Egypt I went straight for the Great Pyrimide and the Sphinx and I didn't go inside the Pyrimide for I wanted to climb it but it is forbidden due to so many people falling and getting hurt and so I met a young Egytian Muslim guide dressed in traditional robe and said that he would take me to the top and we went behind the Pyrimide and he had a deal with the guard of the trail going up  through the cut rocks and like a real zig zazzy trail up the edge and very rough cut and I climbed and I climbed and couldn't believe how huge the Pyrimide was and was suffering still from jet lag and lack of sleep the first night in protective custudy as a guest of the chief of police, because I was on my own and not with the protecyion of a tourist groupe and was in danger of being robbed, for I had the equvilant of up to three years wages in American money and travellers checks in a country where a hotel was $1.00 a night and gor $1.50, the suit, so to speak...and of course I didnt syasy at the Hilton or the Shepards Hotels in Cairo, were the Westerners stayed l, for I was living like an Egyption, finnally half or two thirds of the way up I had to turn back for it was too high for me the way I was tired and feeling and I said to myself that I will come back some time or day on a return jouney into Egypt and finnish the climb, the Primides don't look as big as in the pictures at first sight but try to climb one if you can find the guide behind the Pyrimide and the friendly guard to pay them. When it came time to pay off I offered five dollars and the guide was insulted and sit at me for apparently he had to pay the guard also and he told me that he has taken Congressmen up the Pyrimide and such so I just shrugged it off knowing how much five dollars was to an Egyptian and then he wanted the money and I was upset by this time and said no for spitting me,  for I was still realing from the culture shock, lack of sfleep and jet lag combination and figured I'll square it with him the next time I'm in Egypt or something, then while looking at the Great Sphinx, I heard a tour guide saying to a crowd of tourist that Neapolian blew off the nose of the Sphinx, while using it for taget practice. How stupid does he think Westerners ate believing rhat art loving Frenchmen would do such a thing, but it is easier to think that the Muslims did it and just like they stole all the casting stones that covered the Pyrimides to build thier Grand Mosque in Cairo and other structures and apparently other lesser Pyrimides and structures for building the city of Cairo, of which destroyed the beautiful white and gleeming exterior of the Pyrimides and bore a hole in the side looking for Pharoes tomb and treasures and so its said that they found be continued

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Egyptian Journal 1970's

Egyptian Journal in the 1970's seven unedited and rough draft...After being released from Cairos Police Headquarters for being a rich American in a country that the average annual income was $165.00 and a doctor mafe a dollar a day and after being taken into protective custudy so that I wouldn't be robbed for the few hundred dollars I had on me, I checked into an Egyption hotel across the street for $1.00 a night for a clean two bedroom suit or apartment, I then after some sleep began exploring this strange new and primitive world or drab and gayness and open vegetable stands that you couldn't eat anything without cooking the roots they sold and try to buy some canned food, virtually impossible compared to the price they charge and nothing and no food in sight and not even any kind of convenience store or mom and pop shop and I staggered through the narrow and crowded streets and somewhere along the line I stumbled into the Sunrise Hostel after a weary and jet lag day and even tried to climb the Great Pyrimide, somewhere along the way and but that is another story and for now I came to the Sunrise Hostel in the evening and was meet with young laughing Egyptians pointing a a pistol at me and waving it around and laughing and I was raised around guns and pistols and you never, ever, point a gun at someone and so I checked in and shrugged the youths off as idiots, behind the check in counter and paid my one dollar of  so for my room with a shower and bed when I turned off the lights bed bugs came crawing out on me and I turned on the light to see, what the hell was going on and they all disappeared and turned off the lights again and they started crawing on me again and but could not see the little buggers and so I feel asleep with the lights on and they left me alone and in  the morning for the first time I saw Westerners, two young ladies and no doubt back packers and they were sitting on the floor in the hallway and with a look of horror asked me if I had bed bugs in my room and I said none chelauntly, yes and  that all you have to do is leave the lights on and talking about leaving that place I sure did and headed for the be continued

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Page six my Journal into Egypt 1970's

Egyption Missionary Journal very late in Coming since 1970's but must write a book about it or it was a possible waste of time....back pages and nothing is wasted in God"s time and the story is burning in my heart to share for future generations,  like in the millinium and it will go down in the Spirit of the Wests first true historian Herodotus ....When I finnaly saw the light of day after one of the longest nights in history starting from getting on an Air Egypyt plane at night in Atens and landing the same night in Ciaro Egypt and then being licked up by the police and taken into protective custudy and not realizing that I was carrying at least two years pay in Egyption currancy exchange for back then an Egyption made aroundwn  $165. 00 a year and,I was a walking ATM machine before tgey were even invented and after a nights guest in the police headquaters with tge chief of police they finnally let me out at the break of day dawn to find myself in a truerlt third world country and rhe hotel across the street was only a $1.00 a day and I checked in and tried to get a fitful nights sleep and looking out the window to the large Mosque across the street I saw what seenmed like hundreds of people in long robes and or rags by our standards and they were all sleeping or caxmped out, oustide tge Mosque and is was on of tge few plaxces in Ciaro that was actuaslly lite up and otherwise everything in Cairo was dark and bleak and not lite up and in the daytime even more bleak and depressing  like people living in a country like India or sonething but what the heck and what did I expect except gloomy buildings and abject poverty and people living or sleeping on the streets in thier heavy flannel pajamas and people wearing whasts called jelopys like the cars are spelled and dusty and bleak and sun drenched buildings witjout any color and I though oh boy I'm in it now and so I walked and took a cab to the area of the Pyrimides and gad a blow out with the taxii driver of whom I thought was taking me for a ride and a crowd gatherec and the head of the Free Masons of Egypt came out while I was going out of my mind in tjis Bazzar place of which he had tried to put me on a tour bus that was completely empty except for me so I bailed and sonewhere  I saw a dusty and relatively small Synagogue along the way while walking and  looking feeling like everyone was looking at me and no other Americans or Europeans in sight and had a feeling like I was the only one since the peace treaty with Israel and obstesibly with the West be continued

Friday, February 16, 2018

Part five and half Egyptian Journal

My jounery into Egypt in the Seventies Missionary Journal late in coming my rough draft and book about my experience part five and and a half....after walking out of the Cairo Police Station after being a guest  of the Captain for my own securities sake and mild interrogation for I didnt realize that I was carrying somewhere around two or three years pay on my person Egyptian money for the average income was $165.00 a year and I was carrying a few hundred dollars and a doctor told me that he only made $365.00 a year so any American was rich in comparison and a potential target imagine that...

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Part five Journal inti Egypt

Page five my Journal into Egypt 1970s I sat in police headquarters rhe night I left Athens and landed in Cairo, I walked into a world like nothing else I have ever experienced and into a true  third world abd as I talked with the police captian I saw something unforgettable a bunch of slaves or prisoners came  in on thier hands and knees and wiped thw floie wearing rags abd  wiping the floor with rags and I thought to myself oh my God I am  really in ancient Egypt and then there was another vision in police headquarters whwn two young police officers in plain close came in smiling and the police Captian said that these two just killed a bad man with thier knives and I said in semi shock that they didnt look like killers to me and that didnt go over welk with the captain and young officers and I just was just in another world and stayed in semi shock as a guest of the Cairo police ubtil dawn when I was let past  the armed guard at the front door for the first tine I saw daylight since leaving Athens that night and was told that I could check into the hotel across the street...