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Sequel concept for the movie Hook

 An Allegory of life on the San Francisco Bay by Peter Romanowsky based on a sequel to the movie Hook!  ONE DAY, I came upon a movie named  "HOOK". A story about PETER PAN, after he finally grew up and forgot who he really was.    After Peter Pan came back to his world safely, from Captain Hooks clutches with his children. He became a better father and volunteered to work with kids. Especially his son as a Little League Base Ball Couch, and his daughter who plays Wendy in the local playhouse theater.
   He became a better attorney and a better and thoughtful person in general. To his wife as well as those under him in his corporate firm. He also became more concerned about the plight of the poor and under represented, more then worshiping his job and making money.
   So all was well with Peter Pan, now known again as Peter Banning. To his professional associates and friends, who had no idea where he really came from! Knowing only that he is now a successful attorney and a part of the world, (that he vowed as a youth that he would NEVER grow up and become a part of). But because he married Wendy's daughter, (Wendy) who had now grown and aged, not the daughter of course, she was the same age. For Wendy had grown old, along with everyone else, that Peter new in the real world.                                                                                                   One day a dark sinister occidental star had begun to raise again on the horizon, the Pirate Captain Hook had cut his way out of the stuffed alligator that swallowed him with his penknife. And now decided to follow Peter back fro Never-Never-Land, that he now occupied. He knew he had to destroy him, but how in a   modern technological world?
  He devised a plan, to disguise his black pirate ship as a classic yacht. Dress up his pirate crew and reveal himself again disguised as a successful corporate executive, or CORPORATE PIRATE to be more exact.
  He came one day to Peter's Law firm invited as a distinguished guest speaker, and swayed his associates to come aboard his mighty corporate machine. Which has been taking over the executive and classic yacht-racing horizon, like a dark cloud on a stormy sea.
  When Peter watching him realized who he was, that he was Hook in disguise, he wanted to cry out and expose him during his presentation. But then he realized that no one would believe him, AS HOOK WINKED AT HIM WITH HIS EYE. For he knew that would it be sear madness and would destroy HIS REPUTATION for sure, and possibly even open the door to lock him up for insanity.” Think of it", the president of his firm telling everyone that this is Captain Hook come back from Never Never-Land, and that he in truth was really Peter Pan who had now grown up!
  But now HOOK who was dressed to the hilt, swayed the board members like no corporate pirate had ever done before. His reputation that he accrued, before springing himself upon the corporate firm of Banning and Associates, was well thought out in advance. He had gained is reputation from representing an oil shipping firm, which had a history of cutting corners leaking problems, including a major oil spill on the North West Coast. Of which he blamed it on the mechanics that operated the ship, instead of the captain who was drunk in his bunk and not keeping watch with the helmsmen.
   But his main fame came from his reputation of having the fastest and most ruthless sailing yacht in the corporate world. With the meanest and most ruthless and cunning crew that the world had ever seen. The black pirate yacht named the "SKULL BONES".
   A motion was given and a vote was taken, and Captain Hook was made president of Peter's law firm. "That was it", Hook had convinced the other board members that his yacht would continue being the scourge of the corporate seven seas, and he had already proved in advance that no one could beat him or stand in his way. For he had black dark mystical powers and silver tongue with a gold saber to wave in the wind.
  Peter was devastated; he was wiped out in a moment, his whole life flashed before him as he reeled from the impact. Like a ship tossed in a heavy sea, under a giant swell. His wife could or would not comfort him, Hook had beaten him again. Proving that he was in the long run more clever and ruthless then even he could ever imagine.
    So Peter went down to the seashore near his home by the San Francisco Bay in a county called Marin, to a little bay side town called Sausalito across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Where there he laid his head on an old anchor and chain, in a harbor that his firm once helped restore to it's rustic past. Where fishermen and old wooden boat tradesmen gathered, worked and passed on the ancient dying art of wooden boat building by hand.
  All of A SUDDEN HE HEARD SOME Familiar Voices. He could hardly believe his ears, it sounded like the "Lost Boys" singing sea shanty's as they worked. He turned and there, they were. Dressed in working waterfront mariner s clothing, with tools in their hand, like they had a plan. For Tinker Bell had heard of the evil plans of Captain James Hook, while she was stealing some jam from the captain’s table. She had gathered together all the Lost Boys from Never-Land, to awaken them to THE PLAN. To restore the ancient ship called Galilee, after which the harbor was so named. For she was a mighty Windjammer that CROSSED the Seven Heavenly Seas. With record-breaking stealth and speed. She rounded the Horn so gracefully through mighty tossed and stormy seas, and then sailed into this historic harbor, to rest upon her lee-side.
    But now with the help of the Lost Boys and Tinker Bell, the boat was to be refurbished, cleaned and outfitted with new rigging. To fight against the evil trade winds of the vessel called "Skull Bones", and to shame Captain Hook and his crew. With the good ship Galilee restored and renewed, Captain Hook will not have a prayer unless his rigging and outfitting is squared, and his dark hart is right with his maker.
  Peter was astonished, amazed and in great awe that friendship and fellowship had followed him thus far. With toil and vigor they all dressed the sails, working and squaring all the rigging and stays and turnbuckles. They new they could beat Old Captain Hook and restore Never Land’s good name. They knew they could shame and disgrace him and bring Peter home again. The harbor was indebted to Banning's company so deep, that all the maritime workers would pitch in and keep, the ship from failing, flailing and floundering in the on coming waves so steep, so all the world will wonder again, at the ship called GALILEE.
   Onward went Hook with his new position of power, which he had usurped his archenemy Peter Pan to this very hour. He thought there would be nothing that he could not do, to conquer and conquest the New World he, now knew. With ruthless abandon he absorbed and he merged, corporations together with one final aim. To consolidate his power and glory and ruthless evil ways, to influence the children to always misbehave. By confusing and defusing and fighting for the wrong, he felt that Peter would never be able to come back to fight for his home. Among his friends, acquaintances, family, and children, all have been lost, to fight for his freedom no matter the coast.
      Meanwhile Hook had moved into his new corporate mansion, on top of the highest hill on the richest island in California, Belvedere. With a spectacular view of the San Francisco Bay, with the city bright and glowing before him, and the little town of Sausalito to his right.
Where Peter now lived in outward abject poverty and resourcefulness, with the floating community that he now called his home. But slowly and surely Peter worked on his plan, to conquer their unconquerable with only his hands. Recycling and praying and working with wood, he stopped every leak of the rustic square-rigger, together with the lost Boys and the workers of old, they began to tread water out of the abandoned and thought to be obsolete ships of delivery, in this Liberty Ship way.
     The ways of deliverance were carving the deadeye stays, with standing and running the rigging was twined. The shackles and turnbuckles were added for strength; with line upon line the rigging was complete. With Tinker bell on head mast to lighten the way for other ships to see, they slipped out for maneuvers while Hook was out to play with a socialite named Helmsley who had captured his heart with all her millions in oil  (polluting) industry, which he also represented in state and federal government class action suits for her families company, environmental disasters. Hook also busied himself in the politics also that Peter had plans to enter in before he was voted off the presidency, of the board and forced into exile.  Not even being able to care for his bring his wife and children. But Hook cared not as to what sorrow of heart he could bring, because that was his plan all along. But also the added excitement of a political career where he could take his message of ruthless behavior to all the world was at hand. For Peter had done all the groundwork and his former secretary was now in the lap of Captain Hook.
       Meanwhile the sun kept raising and the sun kept setting on the little town of Sausalito with it's vistas and panamas of redwood tree lined mountain ridges and cold brilliant green and blue waters dancing to all the colors of the bright red, purple, pink and crimson horizons, that the rainbow filled white clouded skies could rain upon a human being.
        The lost boys worked, Peter hammered and Tinker bell polished all the fine details as supervisor. Captain Hook kept up his legal and political career as an elected local Supervisor and Chairmen of the Board. Never once noticing the enameled green polished work of classic wood that was being transformed before his very eyes, and under his nose. Until a couple who inhabited the same harbor named Buttons and Bows, established themselves as an theatrical trope and began rubbing their shoulders with Hook's company, and festive balls and wine tasting consorts. Buttons and bow tie were more and more getting involved with the politics of Hook and forgetting the poverty and the people from whence they came from and said they would help. This became a great concern to the working waterfront mariners, lost boys and Tinker bell and Peter. They began to set watches least the secrets of the ship Galilee be revealed to Hook and his crew by a slip of a sip of champagne and wine.
     Slowly the days were approaching for the final preparations and show down challenge to Hook's pirate yacht and fantasies of becoming President of the United States someday.
     Then came the time for the Ship Galilee to be hauled out beached and re-fitted for the final challenge. The Paint was scraped, brass polished, varnish applied, standing and running rigging replaced lines, servile shackles and dead eyes all double checked, then bottom painted with racing water line and finally blocks and chalks removed and skids greased, to let the graceful ship slid back into the blessed waters from which she was plucked. The challenge was about to be made, as a surprise, but buttons and bow ties (now black ties) were about to spill the beans, and warn Hook of the pending challenge, and the work the lost boys had done, to better equip the ship. Tinker bell raced ahead when she got wind of the scheme and tried to head them off. But to now avail for just when she reached Napa County and the local political wine tasting celebration, where now black ties, betrayed the secrete.
     Immediately Hook rushed out of the political event and gathered his pirate crew to attempt to sabotage the ship Galilee while she was quietly resting in haven. Into the skiffs they jumped and rowed with all there might in the dark, to gauge out the cotton chalking from the rustic seems and let the boat list until it sank.
 But before he could carry out his plan, one of the lost boys spotted their strange-silhouetted skiffs in the dark and sounded the alarm. Down went Hook and his men in their leading skiff when a boat hook point was thrust through the bow in gushed the sea. Cursing Hook swam to the other boats and was pulled in soaking wet with all his fine red silk clothes and cursing the day that the lost boys and Peter Pan was born. Then firing his rustic 50mm odd flare pistol and lit the rigging on fire, with it's classic tar cover shrouds.
      Fighting frantically to put out the flames the lost boys, lost sight of Hook and his pirate crew in an on coming fog bank. Meanwhile Buttons and Bow tie (black tie) had no remorse for the slip of the lip and continued to practice their theatrics, instead of doing the real work that needed to be done around the harbor. Which can only exist if the people that live on their boats make their living from the sea. But theater and show has always been the easiest way to escape into   illusion (with smoke and mirrors) and place people into a dream world, not of this earth. Then have to face the harsh reality of working with ones owns hands, and getting down and grity with the people of the earth.  …To be continued
Seqeul development concept script, for the move Hook II
Script rough draft part two sequel to movie Hook! After Captain Hook's men fail to destroy Peter Banning's and Lost Boys ship, The Gallilee. The yacht race is about to commence, without further incident , except Hook and his.crew, smuggel cannons on to his ship to blow the ship Gallilee out of the water, should he begin to lose the race. As the race begins with the roar of shore cannons, two s...hips depart, Hook's pirate ship, disguised has his corporate yacht and the restored and rebuilt ship The Gallilee, from the.mudflats of Sausalito! As the ships depart the Tiburon Cove, seagulls screamiing and crying, the afternnon winds blowing , from the deep blue sea breeze, cutting.through the deep green San Francisco bay, a pot of passing wales blow their spouts as thy passed by in the deep channel, that used to be the ancient Sacramento river bed, passong between Angel Island and Belvedere Islands, the land marks on Francis Drake's Chaplin's map! The tide was in ebb , the warm wind of a distant hurricane, in the distant Pacific horizon, creates excitment, on the good ship Galillee, as the Lost Boys, are used to living semi outdoors, the warm wind, takes the cill frpm the be continued as I continue writing this rough script and draft to the movie Hook , the Sequel. Google Sequel Hook by Peter Romanowsky, for a draft, of part one, of the sequel concept, with Americas Cup, starting trials, at the end of this year, this is an appropriate, time to begin writing again. I thought I saw.Robin Williams again and called ouy to him again on his bile, that I habe, the sequel to Hook! (via Peter Romanowsky                                                                   While the two ships sailed side by side, through Racoon Straits, or the straits of, Sir Francis Drake, the most famous pirate, that ever lived! So named by modern historian, me!
The crew of Captian James T Hook's pirate ship, disguised as a corporate yacht, who's plans, after beating, the good ship Galillee and Peter Pan Banning,... now grown up and use
usurpted from his position, family and ambitions, by the revenful Hook! disguised, as a corporate, raider, pirate and plans, to take the Americas Cup, after defeating, or destroying, Peter! The curses, words and sword waving, between the two ships, sailing side by side, were enough to peal the paint and barnaculs, off the Flyiing Duchmen, no people on land, can hear, under, invent, curses, like a sailor, they seem to have invented, the art. When one is in a storm, fighting, for your life, there is little time, to speak, the kings english, especially, when there are no women, or children, aboard!
As they sailed past Sausalito, the last town, before being sucked out to sea, through the Golden Gate, the gateway, to the gold fields, of California, Peter Bailey, who help restore he ship Galillee, with the Lost Boys, waved good bye and God speed!
Under and through the Golden Gate, they sailed still tied, while sea lions leaped and splashed, breaching, like whales, while Great White sharks, kept their distance, lurking between the Golden Gate and distant Farllon Islands, where Drake collected eggs, for his crew, from the millions, of birds, that used to nest there and tens of thousands, still do! ...
To be continued, pray that Robin Williams, fully recover, from his heart condition , he must be doing well, he likes to ride his bike, in Sausalito and I see him now and then in passing, his agency won't let him except, unsolicited scripts, but his boss, Ford Copella, excepted my script concept, on cassette tape, made me promise, not to sue him! This is the extended, version, in process. Google A Allegory of life, by Peter Romanowsky, for thumb nail, of part one, love! (via Peter Romanowsky)

   ..continuation of online, live seqel concept/script for movie Hook! By Peter Romanovsky As he two dhips lurched forewards, tacking against the wind at forty five degrees ! Green water poured over the blue sea and white spray, turning into bursts of rainbow , fans forming over every bow wave, splashing and clapping against the port side of the mighty, foaming, lurchings ships, into destiny, roun...ding the Farllon Island, destination, turning around, towards, San Franciso! Is the plan, but Hook had another plan, he would wait till reaching, the fog bank and at close quarters, blow Peter Pan and the lost boys, out of the water, efore, losing this race, and the time has come, the silent witness, coup
ld only watch , the Blue whales , Humpbacks, Greys and the towering dorsel finn, of a Killer Whale, that stood, so high, that it hung down, at the top, like a hook! As Peter 's boat, a ship length ahead of Hook's pirate yacht, the time was rip, to enter into he fog bank and finnish the race then; before Peter's lighter ship, catches the westerly wind back, with more top sail, stowed, then Hook! be continued search peteromanowsky.blogspot, for earlier posts..the rug ties the room together, The Dude!

what if PeterPan grew up....sequel to the movie "Hook"! continued by Peter Falkner the two majestic ships, plowed the waters upwind towards the West, waiting to round The Farllon Islands, off San Francisco, with whales spouting, Greys, Blues, Humpbacks and Killer whales, waiting for an Elephant Seal, to surface, before a Great White shark, devoures it! Eyeing.the two ships racing... woth fury towards the steel-grey blue fog bank, moving in from over the horizon, the brilliant orange, red ball. Lighting the horzon, with dazzilng blue and piurple white cloud filled sky, like a dream color everywhere, as they head, into the fog bank past crying seagulls, puffins, pearched on the volanic rocks, with countless migrating, birds. Hook primed his canon, to sink, Peter's boat lost boys amf tinkerbell, under the cover of the fog l, them blam, an ear piercing sound thundered, and the cannon ball missed, as a wave, lifted, Hook's ship! Then another thunder rolled, but this time, Tinlernell, sprinkeled, fairy dust, in path, of the cannon ball, the dust made the ball go straight, up, like flying! Next Hook primed, for a third strick, but Tinkerbell sprinkled dust on Peter's boat, and it lifted up and began to sail, through, the air! As Hook saw, The Galilee, begin to fly, he used his black magic to lift his boat, out of the water, in persuit, towards Neverland, up through, the now pink skies, and the beginning of the setting sun, they flew, like, in a dream, stars, starting to twinkle, with a rainbow, around the sun, with Hook, in nightmarish, evil be continued More
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