Friday, April 21, 2017


Remember we are all grandfathered in who were in Sausalito co called waters which is really a special federal anchorage and chief of police has no business being a harbor master and do not give them petmission to board or inspect your boat and  dont resist them and call the coast guard if you are attempted to be boarded and they have to come abd rescue you from local plice meddling in a special ferderal anchorage  which includes all navigable waters omitting possibly private waters that you may already have permission to moor or anchore and are on private waters and not city, so to speak...if arrested ask for a jury trial...while they crush your boat and home...then sue them...and don't forget to come to our water church services and dinners every sunday from 11:am to 3: pm and fellowship and share information and situations and absolutely claim grandfather rights and especially if you have passed the statue of limitations on the city's privious attenp to ban boats after three days in city and not on private waters and remember everyone anchored in so called city limits is or now grandfathered in as a pre existing federal anchorage rights of no limit on length of stay on anchorage...

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