Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Nothing is free except the Grace of God and heaslthcare in Europe suckes up more then fifty percent in taxes and takes takes years if ever yo get a hip replacment like in England and the country is over run by fleeing Muslims to suck up more headdlthcare  and everyone wants to come yo America for its free healthcare if poor  or even have aids and death panals in Europe which euthenised my grandmother under the lying socialist sustem where everyones  heathcare is degraded over aids, bums and lazyness...and the whole system is colllapsing under the burden with no private doctors anf government doctors giving the second opinon and if you want free heathcare then go to Cuba but bring your own sheets and even Canadians flees to America for our health care system which Obama viwes to destroy and degrade and make it impossible to get private healthcate so he can bring in all his sinful aids buddies and as more and more Americsns are looing thier private healthcare and last I heard in Canada they only had one of two MRI imaging machines in thier country some ffew years qgo and Canafians coming to America, for quality healthcare which aids is festroying as a pre existing condition and do tell me about the German Heaslthcare which Finland is a model slso with government doctors and death panals and mass sbortions like Obama  supports in planned Parenthood found to weed out blacks, disabled, mentally ill , poor whites, Mexicans and its founder said that bring a babt into the world is the greatest sin and ni doubt a cure for so called globel warming  so about German heaslthcare with haslf its people from the failed Socialist side which non of these countries3s pay thier fair share yo Nato and not even for thier defence  especially fly fpor ciuntries like tell me how good the healthcare system is in Germany and how long it will last while millions of uninsured people overun Europe and more babies being killed qnd more death psnals and more long lines and waoting periods...

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