Saturday, May 21, 2016

Jim Jones

Inside the mind of an Apistale Assembly of God preacher and proof like Satan God never takes away your free will and he has fallen before ever reaching Paradise or Heaven and some would say that he was never saved or born again like God takes away our free will to return as the Bible says like a dog returning to his own vomit and also this is the mind of not only a fallen preacher but a Socislist/ Communist and datling of the Democrate Party System and Gay Pride of ehich he was also Gay and Democrate politicans sucked up to him like Mayor Moscone, Governor Jerry Brown and even Jimmy Carters sister spoke in his Apostate Church and I'm not sure but working from memory that he bought the former Churvh of Satan building for his Peoples Temple and was made head of the housing administration as a reward for putting Mayor Moscone in office and all I remember hearing him speak in San Francisco that he was a rabid Socialist Demorate and staref me in the face of two thousand people who wete almost exclusively black and with his anti racist ranting said to me in the crowd ...what are you so wortied about and then began knocking the Jesus Movement and his finance manager I heard speak in his Northern California compound that they supported  the gun runner and communist terrorist Angela Davis who helped the Jackson five shoit up the Marin County Court House and even Jim Jones wife tried to recruit me but no bannana because I read my Bible which he took out of the hands of the people mostly black and low information or educated people easily decieved like they have been over Obama who sounds just like Jim Jones and all the other Democrate leafers ranting and raving about the same things he does and screams Im God uncontrolably during his sermons and the people begin yo worship him calling him Father as they lift up thier hands to him in true Communist demigod fasion to have idils and statues of them as Gods in Washington DC...

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