Thursday, January 14, 2016

A short History of the Sixties Jesus Movement

Movements that started in and of from Sausalito Marin County, San  Francisco and Berkeley starting with Sausalito the  Marin County area. The first Rock festival on Mount Tamalpias called the Majic Mountain Festival. The Hippie  Movement starting with Sausalito and Waldo Point Houseboats and moved to Height Asbury disabigulation,   the Jesus Movement of the Sixties some say started in Height Asbury, but I was the first formally hippie pastor to formally begin Sunday  Services in Marin County  to the best of my knowledge, in all California , the quote Gay Movement starting in San Francisco and probably had its roots in the Sausalito houseboat area and disambiguation required, but no doubt of all the three cultural generaters , Sausalito area is tops next to Telegraph Hill Road in Berkeley and North Beach, and the first Mountain Bike was built from scratch by Richard Breeze on Humbolt Street in San Anselmo Marin County a block from my home on Elm Street, the Weather Underground met and hide on the Houseboats of Waldo Point, Sausalito area, the creater of Jumbee lived in Sausalito, Music from the Hearts of Space originated from Sausalito, New Age Music. The United Nations was dedicated in Marin County in Muir Woods a short hop from Sausalito in Marin County, the First Hippie Summit, met first in Waldo Point mext to Sausalito, including Allen Ginsburg and friends like Timothy Leary and others, Doctor Rom Das is slso a resident of Marin County a leader in the therapeutic use of LSD, the Golden Gate Southern Baptist Seminary property prior to the Seminary purchase was the first proposed site of the United Nations, Marin County I'm grnrr add l the playground of virtually all the Rock Stars of the San Francisco sound music scene, the first acid test done by Kinsley and friends including the Grateful Dead was conducted in Muir Beach, Marin be continued disabigulation and corrects welcomed...including information regarding whether I was the first Pastor of a Jesus Movement Congregation...without external missionary  support, in fact resisted initially  by formal Missionaries from the Golden Gate Baptist Seminary in Marin County, to the Hippies of Height Asbury and Marin County. I Peter Romanowsky was Baptisted, by the First Southern  Baptist Church of Sausalito in 1968, in fact the Missionaries to the Hippies, did everything they could, to discredit me, for  not being formally trained at the Seminary, but home schooled instead in Theology and Evangelsm and mentored by the Pastor of the Northern General Baptist  Church of San Rafael, which met in Carpenters Union Hall and licensed by this major denomination as an intern minister, before breaking free after church collapsed or ran it's course, before the  pastor moved to Ceres General Baptist Church, next to Modesto Pastor Jack Kuhlmen and Church of the Open Door moved into the Union Hall,  one of my mentors along with the Reverant Fred Small of the Marin City Church of God a predominately black church , next to Sausalito, also the largest cover ministry to reach Gays for Jesus Christ started under my preaching as a youthful pastor and church congregation planter by our church organist before he was pressured to leave our congragation by a Golden Gate Bsptist Seminary graduate/student who later wrote a book about the Jesus Movement and together with Frank Worthen our Organist together with the Seminary graduate Missionary, formally started the cover ministry Exodus Internatioal , to reach Gays for Christ, the Gays finally over ran the ministry and made the Christians apologize, be continued a history of the Jesus Movement from a Marin County/San Francisco perspective by Reverant Peter Christian Romanowsky...PS I don't claim to be the first and non formally trained, mentored and home schooled preacher to begin Sunday Services, during the Jesus Movement Hippie Sixties Movement, I'm just the only one that I know or have heard off, others were co pastors or missionaries to the Sixties Hippies in or from already established churches like Lonnie Frisbee of Orange County and Calvary Chapel, the most well known hippie preacher and tragically, died of aids, being a former Gay, before being a mighty, man of God and discouraged and marginalized by the formal edtablisment, like I have been be continued a short history of movements from Marin County, San Francisco and Berkely.and the Sixties Jesus Peter Christian Romanowsky Pastor and Senior minister along with the Reverant  Douglas Storms, Missionary to the waterfront of Sausalito and Waldo Point and graduate of the Golden Gate Baptist Seminary in Marin County....PS we will begin having Sunday Services at the Edgewater Room below the Library in Sausalu to the Waterfront and Anchorout Out Community and about be make history again, in a revival and fresh Jesus Movement to influence and go around the world again , beginning on January 24th Sunday 12:00 Noon

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