Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Peter Romanowsky CEO New Covenant Evangelistic Association Inc. 501C3 non profit Church

I feel God wants me to share something very serious, I was called into the ministry virtually the moment that I was born again, my ancestors were mainly ministers on my mother's side and mail veterinarians on my father's side, with large family owned farm in Finland on my mother's side and a law professor on my father's, with two University educated patents who immigrated to America to flee execution by the Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia, for my father being an officer, defected to Finland during the Russian Finnish war and married my mother, it was the death penalty and the Soviets enforced it, my parents began living the American dream as small businessmen and mechanical labourers, including a bar and garage business, mother as a nurses aid also, briefly, we growing up in a large family, had nothing extra, never been on welfare or good stamps, they didn't even exist, in fact my parents had to sign papers that for three years that they couldn't get any government help. My great Aunt in New Jersey was out sponsor, she was head maid for major holder of Ponds and Nestles Chocolate in Short Hills New Jerry, my uncle was his scooter, even offered to buy my younger brother and adopt him, Alex was his name, he was do blond haired and blue eyes even as a child, grew up to look like Elvis Presley, I said all this, to say that. That I have never made my living, preaching the gospel, as a missionary, pastor, radio programmer, gospel radio. Never got a salary, except supplimenatel income, when the bills were due for Church Chapel rent, it ultimately, came out of my pockets, like Saint Paul, I never charged or begged, for preaching the gospel, I am thankful for the supplemental income I received, time to time, primarily supported myself, announcing rooms in our large garden estate, lionised to us by my in-laws, or which I turned over all my community property, to my wife and now she is a millionaire, owning the estate lock stock and barrel, I have never had a credit card, pastor of my first Baptist Church of Sausalito, said it was a trap of Satan, always paid cash or check, wherever I went, like the Apostle Paul said, no one can ever take that boasting from me, he said that he could have been supported as the most successful missionary, the world has ever seen, or known, he received money to give to others, otherwise he supported himself as a tent maker, tradesmen, his whole missionary life, like me also, supporting myself, doing any kind of physical labour or rental management, of which I was good at, even on facebook, where I have pictures of me with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and angel, hasn't brought me any support, except likes, I have never begged for support for myself, I'm not a begger, like Saint Paul was not either, Jesus was supported for only three years of his life, by rich women from Herod's court and the common pheasants, no doubt, he turned water into wine, fed the multitudes, paid tax money from a fishes mouth, but never begged or salesgirl money, Judas was the treasurer, and complained, about the repentant prostitute, breaking her perfume on Jesus' feet, her stock and trade, I supported myself salvaging and recycling for twenty years, after my wife was forced to leave me, under threats of disinheritance, of which at time, was in denial, I married into a super rich family, the Donald Trump of the richest county, in he proverbial world, being the richest in California alone and the head of the Republican Party, tapped to be a Congressmen, but didn't want to live in Washington, who would, except a dedicated public servant, he was a friend of presidents and governors, appointed twice to the State Harbors Commission by Pat Brown and Ronald Reagan, I supported myself preaching and ministering, in the hot sun on the Dock of the Bay Sausalito, where Otis Reading was inspired to Co write the song, in the Sausalito area, Gates coop, but I played, watching the shops come in, finally I reached sixty five and had enough credits to get Social Security and suplemental  income for my back, which I earned, doing back breaking work, for twenty years, on facebook where I preach and share my daily life for years, have received some twenty dollars and a hundred dollar contribution, I married into money and rejected it, for the gospels sake and have as ways provided for myself, with my wife who had a modest trust fund also, for a few years, of which h I matched the money, with supplemental rental income, from our large estate, of which we took in all the poor and homeless, weather they could pay rent or not, finally to some college students, we rented the first floor, the town homeless alcoholic, even passed away and went to heaven, in our guest house, no way he could pay rent, none of us were on welfare or social security, we made it, even though for a time, we did finally get some food stamps, which we had to pay for, partial at the time, in fact my father in law, started the food stamp program to Marin County as a Marin County Supervisor, even today I am financially, self supporting or asking or begging for anything for myself, but would never turn down a donation, which basically, doesn't exist, I can go on forever, even have pictures of me in the clouds, I say all this to say, no one should ever call all preachers money grubbers or men of the cloth, but to receive supplemental support to make my life, more bearable, with electronic communications, I.e. cell phone bills, shower bills, up coming, went without a hot bath or shower, for countless years, only spit washed or bathed naked, on the beach, with no soap or shampoo, not polluting the bay, and needless to say, my desire to help others, in more need then myself, no one can take this from me, I could sell my pictures, won't and when published, will at go to the 501C3 California Incorporated non profit, that my children's mother and I inherited, to help others and establish a place, to worship, here in Sausalito and elsewhere, I make no apologies, for pirodically, letting folks know, of supplemental needs, of which my ex wife, is the greatest, contributer, in spite of not having laptop access on my boat, I conduct virtually all my business, on a cheap hundred dollar smart phone, and politically, in the public library, I could go on forever, having no serious mental bills, reached Medicare age, etc,...

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