Friday, January 15, 2016

Story telling time by Peter Romanowsky of the furthest outpost of the Russian Empire Marin County

Story telling time from the story teller  my mother told me of a Finnish tradition that in every family one is appointed to be the story teller  the Finns being the last to becom Christians in Europe still have some of the Shamanistic traditions  after all Sant Claus picked up his Rain dear  from there ho ho  I sometimes feel like the last Russian  standing here in Sausalito the furthest out post of the Russian Empire that  stopped the advance of the Spanish into Northern California along the coast and built their  Capital City Fort Toss which means Fort Russia and the Exhiled Czar Steven Romanoff lives nearby in West Marin  as a common man and artist and thete is also a tradition that my Russian ancestors along with the Finns White Russians and Ukrainians who all came here and are still living in Northern California assimilated and buried a plate in San Francisco claiming it for Russia also maybe under Russian Hill

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