Friday, January 15, 2016

First Western Boat refugee from Socialistic Communism by Peter Romanowsky

To the best of my knowledge my father was the first boat refugee from Communism and Socialism being a Russian Soviet Army officer who defected to the West thriugh Finland and fought against his own country in the propaganda radio network against Soviet Socialism under Stalin, who also  imprisoned his activist attorney father into the Gulage Prison System and enslaved my grandmother to wotk on the White Sea canal digging by hand tools the canal from the Baltic to the inland White Sea, where a minimum of twenty five thousand enslaved Russians died digging the canal and my grandmother was freed by Stalins wife personally while visiting the canal project.   After Finland was forced to make a Treaty after slaughting millions of Russians until they ran out of amunition,  the Finns were forced to return all Russian defectors including my father who escsped in a thirty foot boat, in thirty foot seas, with thirty people  on board, across the sea from Finland to Sweden, making my father possibly, the first boat refugee from Communist Socialism,  as all the other refugees were sent back, from in the boat, because they were economic refugees and my father was a politic refugee and that's how I ended up being born in Sweden... the tragedy is that I was awoke on a boat somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean as a child being my first waking memory and today day every night I still lay my head on a pillow somewhere in the middle of the San Francisco Bay as a boat refugee even today as a refugee from Socialistic Democrstic Marin County, the richest County in California for some thirty years...... ...for the rest of the story and to be continued...

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