Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Peter Romanowsky Family History escape from socialism

Peter Romaowsky family history escape from socialism ....I grew up around guns, always had a gun rack over our heads on the couch as we watched television, ev r n when left alone as children while parents went out on Fridays and older brother a child also as baby sitter and the lick on the gun rack was made of a thin wooden rod, easy to be broken, never had a temptation to play with real guns, toy guns air rifles I mean real air rifles and bee bee guns imaginary and were trained from childhood to be around and use guns, boring at times, taken hunting, carrying high powered rifles, I remember the first time I fired a 306 Russian rifle my father's favorite, the kick was tremendous  to a somewhat young kid, unforgetsble, same with shotgun, wow would bruise a women, God made women to bruise easy for evidence in spouse abuse. My dad always carried a gun because one saved his life from deportation to the Stalinist Soviet Union after the Russian Finnish War Treaty, to return all Soviet defectors, my father was an officer and traitor to the Soviet Union for defecting and joining in the enemy against Communist Socialism which is the death penalty and pulled a gun on the authorities and escaped through a farmhouse window and lived as a survivalist in the forest in an underground covered hole, so all his life he carried a weapon, in case Soviet Agents caught up your him. They begged him to come back to Russia while in California and he said obviously no and kept on the run, till we ended up in Marin County in 1963, I remember him showing me a twenty to automatic pistol, so small that he could put it even in his wallet...for concealment. ... to be continued

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