Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Peter Romanowsky Family History

More refugee boat stories from Soviet Communism by Peter Romanowsky, born
into a refugee family, press follow button for the  rest of the
stories...My grandfather was an activist Lawyer in Soviet Communist White
Russian , against the Communist state, from Minsk the Capital of White
Russia, the only country in the world, called White , funny, anyway his
house was confiscated and turned into a police military headquarters and he
was put into prison, my father was a student at the University of Moscow
and was also caught up in the Anti Christian hysteria of the time and even
helped to destroy an Orthodox Church, as a student. When he went to the
Ukraine and saw the people staved to death by the Russians, under Stalin a
former Seminary student, by the millions, for not become g collectivist
farmers, being the bread basket of Europe, things apparently, begin to
change for him, he said that he saw whole families, starved to death, in
their houses, by the Soviet Communists, he had to support his brothers and
sisters being  the eldest, while my grandfather was imprisoned, for his
anti communist activities, even though my father said, that he was an
atheist lawyer, in Russia if your not an Orthodox Christian then you were
considered an atheist, that obviously changed with my grandfather, a
monument being over his grave, with a cross, when the German Army overcome
Bella Russia, they released my grandfather from prison for his anti
communist activityies, but took my Blue eyed Aryan looking grandmother to
Germany as a domestic slave, I'm still thinking of filing  for repreations,
my father although a student still, had to take care of the family and feed
my grandfather in prison, before the Farmers came and liberated him, the SS
came later has Hitler's henchmen and not the German Army, who were all
forced to be drafted and fight, weather  a Nazi Party member or not...to be
continued my doggie just woke up.

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