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Peter Romanowsky for college of Marin School Board

Marin County, CANovember 2, 1999 ElectionPETER ROMANOWSKY CANDIDATE FOR COLLEGE OF MARIN BOARD OF DIRECTORSBy Pete RomanowskyCandidate for Governing Board Member; Marin Community College District 
This information is provided by the candidate

A rough draft of what I intend to do once elected, and the vision that I share with Doctor James Middleton President of COM/IVC, (after reading his Evolving Vision for Indian Vally College Report).

Hello my name is PETER ROMANOWSKY and I am currently running for the COLLEGE OF MARIN BOARD OF DIRECTORS, here in MARIN COUNTY. 
Our College district is made up of two campus INDIAN VALLEY COLLEGE, in Novato California and the College of Marin campus in Kentfield. They were once two separate colleges but now are one. The Indian Valley College campus was built in anticipation of a population growth the never happened. Henceforth the 333 light wooded acres with it's cluster of buildings has been under utilized and has become a financial drain, due to subsequent lack of management and vision. In particular the faculty wasn't able to keep up, with the rapid technological pace of the job market. When high tech firms worked with the students and faculty in the past. But now that 80% of the highest paid faculty members are about to retire, there will be a new influx of monies, to hire highly energized fresh faculty members.

There is the problem also of the three student cafeterias at IVC, that need to be consolidated into a central meeting area. To give the college more atmosphere, and feeling of fellowship.

Another need I plan to address is to have an attractive athletic program for the Indian Valley Campus. That will draw more full time students away from the commute to Santa Rosa Junior College. Which is the number one competitor to COM and IVC campuses.

You might be saying to yourself "Why not sell some of the land and consolidate the assets into a smaller more efficient IVC Campus, and take the financial burden off the district"? Well the problem is that every local, state government and non-profit agency on the horizon, has first priority to buy the excess property. So the land can't be sold to the highest bidder or, on the open market to solve the finical problems of the district.

I believe that another way of insuring that full time students attend COM/IVC is to use some of the IVC land for ecologically sound and centrally, planned affordable housing. For the students, faculty and essential work force such as the College Police, etc. If a shuttle bus service was is instituted the concerns over increased traffic, would diminish and the whole extended community would profit. The college cannot depend on locally elected city council members that tend to vote for bigger and more expensive housing, at the cost of the middle class and poor. Which tend not to vote in general because they feel so disenfranchised, from the whole political system. Therefore only some 30% of the entire population will eventually vote this November. Unless a candidate like me, who really represents the majority, (who don't tend to vote), to go to the polls.

Separate books also need to be kept between the COM and the IVC campus, to make it easier to identify the financial problems of the District with more clearness. The most recent Grand Jury Report recommended this. Of which there has been approximately ten such reports in the past fourteen years. All apparently dealing with the financial problems of COM/IVC.

There is also the legal problems that the College District is having, with large out of court settlements paid to plaintiffs. From concern that court trials would be more expensive, (or embarrassing)! This Needs a real expert at mediation and resolution conflict, on behalf of the welfare of the students, first of all and teachers, work force and district as a whole. "Can't we hold to higher standards, then to just want to make money, or for that matter being over anxious about the lack of it"! Is this becoming the whole the purpose of living and working? Do not we have a higher purpose? Yes we do". Where is the spiritual dimension in all this, is survival of the fittest the only road to take in a tug of war between higher and lower powers. Is this the fruit of all that education is suppose to be about? Where is the altruism, where is the self sacrifice, where is the passage from the Oath of Hypocrites, about not charging to impart this sacred healing knowledge to others.

Let's not fight and tear one another apart, or be anxious about our futures, at the expense of the next generation. A nation or district divided against itself about money and resources, between the haves and the have-nots, between labor and management will eventually collapse unless a middle road is found....to be continued

Peter Romanowsky trained in-house and interned by the General Baptist Church of America 1968. Organized and pastured Agape' Christian Church which met in the Woodacre Improvement Club 1970. Recruited by the New Covenant Evangelistic Association an inter-denominational ministerial alliance headquartered in Richmond 1971 and made vice president. Moved Sunday services to Stewart Chapel located on the grounds of the San Francisco Theological Seminary in San Anselmo 1973. Traveled internationally as a missionary evangelist lecturing, preaching, teaching and holding healing services through most of the seventies. Spent nearly three years in cloister studying and meditating in the early eighties. Became senior minister to the waterfront live-a-board community in Sausalito during the nineties as a home missionary. Mailing Address 300 Napa St. #40 Sausalito, CA. 94965 Tel 415/289-9540

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