Saturday, January 9, 2016

Marin Community Foundation the Berli Buck Foundation

Good news I took a long hot shower last nigh before the art show for the first time in virtually over twenty  years or more since I lived in a Harbor Marina  ince some twenty five years by joining a health and gym club due to not having a car lately to keep my dog in regulary, so  it felt so good, this town of Sausalito is brutilly cruel to us Anchor outs and shun us and don't invite us into their homes for showers and dinners so I have had to hot spot wash and scrap my skin with a bread knife and sunbath and swim naked on the Beach at Muir Beach, the result of this fast and avoiding fornication I have been seeing visions, ike any ascetic monk would see if  by self denial and not going mad and taking things into my own hands and for now will help others shower and join the health club and finance them through grants from our 501C3 non profit Church Oginization which I have officially been made CEO of and can file for grants for the poor from virtually the largest trust fund in the world the Buck Foundation left for the Churches the poor of Marin County and education. Which none of the money has come down  for the poorest of the poor Anchor  off shore and sleeping in the bushes on our waterfront, because we have not filed for relief, without a non profit like I am President of now  and am  able to tap into the over a billion dollar trust fund for the poor and of  which has been sending most of the money out of the County and of which the money was suppose to be  left exclusively for Marin County the proverbial  bastards and  lawless lawyers, this is a Demicrate and Rio Republican County ... Reverend Peter Christian Romanowsky President and  CEO of of the New Covenant Evangelistic Association Incorporated in Marin County

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