Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Advice to Shariah Law immigrants about child brides by Peter Romanowsky

For those immigrants that come to America from Sharia Law countries where marrying and having sex with children is practiced take warning for it is the most hated practice in the West and especially in our prison systems where if you are put in general.population for child molesting your life will or may be in site danger and will most likely end up in protective custudy which means being locked up a a cell for your own protection and there is no special places or prisons for those charged with child molesting under Shariah Law so you may have to stay locked up basically in solitary confinement or which is not fair in my opinion as one may be just doing thier time for some various f pen of child molesting and feeling  rependant and one must be given a chance to repent without being murdered or killed in our prison system and but if one is convicted of kidnapping and rape and especially if a repeat offender the possibility of losing ones life in prison and general population is very high unless you are in a jurisdiction where the death penalty is practiced then one virtually has no hope of survival and many people in America believe that the death penalty or life imprisonment in solitary confinement may be practiced unless special prisons for pedifiles are built...and one final note that the only time Jesus advocates or taught the principle was  that the death penalty was for unrepentant  child molesting ....

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