Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Chaplins Log 1/11/17 by Peter Romanowsky San Francisco Bay

Chaplins Log of San Francisco Bay 1/11/17  Imagine this all you Caucasian and Nordic European haters who believe North America was simply stolen from the native Americas and Mexicans and Spanish who where already there and reaching up to Florida and in the West the Spanish Mediteranians until Nordic Francis Drake landed in San Francisco Bay ahead of the Spanish according to our local Native Americans and Drake built the first Nordic defence wall in all North America and a Fort of fortified wall before Jamestown of the Pilgrims while tbe Mediteranians alreadiy had Mexico and Peru and just a matter oc time before they toom Utah, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and extended tbier influence all the way to the Great Lakes along with the French also eventually extending through out the Mid West and while little England establishing themselves on tbe East Coast and buying and eventually fighting thier way West Ward against what was call a part of New Spain   and the European powers from Canada to New Spain all struggling over this newly discovered Continent and migration which ultimately was part of manifest destiny and demographic evolutipn of the greatest powers and forces of eartb except for China whose ancestors so yo speak had already migrated North through the land bridge and apperantly North European tribes also duronv the ice age and ancient mariners from the South Pacific to at least South America and come migration in amcient history to South America also and eventuay all tbeze migrating tribles from the East and the West settling into North and South American continent...some tribles being sttonger and growing faster then others and needing space and a eventuallly in the end escaping from Muslim violence and expansion and slavery ...from the Old World and after being expelled from Spain in the West and the fall of Constantinople and much of East Europe to the Ottoman Muslims and eventually stopped in the Phillipeans after the Spanish  crossing the Pacific to stop their expantion from one end of the world to the other and so the Spanish did...and to tbis world and Continent did the Nordic, Caucasians step in finnaly in aittle ace called Plymouth Rock...and make a pack with the Native Americas, before the mercenaries came in later...after the missionaries...and if the Christians from the West did not come here first after expelling the Muslims from France and Spain, then the Muslims would have reach the Bew World...even before the Christians and for they were already, in the Phillipeans and I thank God that not a Muslim Nation made it to the New World...then the Native Americans would really have been howling..unapologetic thoughts, teachings, machinations and free style writings  of Privateer Chaplin of San Francisco Bay who has no land holdings in the New World and lives on the waters...and is the preverbial Hermit of San Francisco Bay...Peter Romanowsky C.E.O. of the New Covenant Evangelist Association, Inc. a 501c3 non profit orginization abd Senior Pastor of our Waterfront  Community Church in Sausalito and donations can be made through PayPay 415 347 0734 or or The New Covenant Evangelistic Association, Inc. P.O. Box 1591 Sausalito, Ca. 94966 and thank you for your support in feeding the poor and unemployed and both physically and our churcb meeting room rent at the Edgewater Room Sundays at 12:00 noon every Sunday for four hours at $28.00 an hour plus food and drink wbich is another bundred a week...

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