Friday, January 13, 2017

Salvage and Recycling history

Feeling better the sun is out and no wind or rain the cronic pain in my left lung from some kind of cold sore travelling virus is to cronic back pain so I sip fortified alchole energy drink on and off..all the day and nightlong and never get drunk...I estimate I rode my bicycle the equivolent for seven times around the world and mostly carrying recycles of glass bottles in gunny sacks of up to fifty pounds on bike as qell as usual aluminum cans and every short of recycera ble inmagibable...including cat batteries and 100 pound marine batteries...I used to check and recycle 35 dumpsters twice  a day ...that is 70 dumpsters collectong ass, aluminun and metadl to recycle and food and clothes and evetyday items oc need lf leu of cash...

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