Monday, January 23, 2017

Peter Romanowsky on the Roman Empire and Julious Caeser

OooOkI'm times of war and crisis under Roman Law dictators were appointed with term limits like Roman General  Cinncinates, who after saving Rome from the Gauls went back to his farm like General Washington did and the problem with Julious Caeser was that he was made dictator for life by the Roman Senate...with some Senators disagreed and assinated him and Rome ended up with a civil war and the Emperor Augustine the adopt son of Caeser won..the rest is history and what if Julious lived out his lifetime term and without excepting the crown of King of which the Romans hated and overthrougb long ago in lue of the Senate and one year terms for Procouncils...what if...Julious was simply left to be lifetime dictaor or retired early and what would the wor ld be like today and of course the Senate could have taken away his lifetime dictatorship at any time for he already had the most powerful  army behind him already and could have crowned himself Emporer of which he never did and only his adopted son did that with the blessings of the Senate..
Cincinatus After obtaining virtually complete dictatorial power in ancient Roman he gave it up and went back to his farm and plow and what if Julious Caeser who became the most powerful military man in Roman the known world after conquering Clepatras heart and sided with her in the Egyptoan Cvil War and made her his concubine and mother of his only child and then went on to conquer Gaul the heart of Europe and won the Civil War with his Pro Council Pompey and became the richest and most powerful man in the known world and could have crowned himself Emporer  and did not and what if he was never assinated by Senators by those who sided with his rival Pompey in front of his statue in the Senate and what if he also like Cinncinatus before him just retired and went back to.private life like Washington who also could have become an Emporer or King like King George of England...and what if and what would the world be like today...if he was not murdered...Until Congress passed the war powers act US Presidents had dictatorial powers like the Roman Generals Cincinatus and Julious Caeser who both commanded armies large enough to make themselves Emporers and like George Washington could have and both he and General Cincinatus retired to the farm and Julios Carter was outright murdered before he even had a chance to do so and two civil wars followed ...

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