Monday, January 23, 2017

Peter Romanowsky on politics and running for office

Does anyone else feel as sick too thier stomach listening to Glen Beck as I do and what is it ? Fake conservative or Mormon or poor loser and backer Of the wrong presidential candidate like the rest, like Mark Lavine who that dosn't make me feel sick like Glen Beck as much, even as much as he wiens about Trump winning when conservative talk show hosts like Sean Hannity who  were unwavering in their support for Trump as well as the King of Christian  gentlemen conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and in spite of his jokes about women liberals and just talking,  I like Mark Lavine and in spite of his hate filled triads and periodic and quite  often rudeness to his callers in spite of his great knowledge of American Law and history of which I love and maybe it's just an non Christian Jewish thing and lack of grace and the opposite of the politeness of Christian Conservatives like Rush and Hannity and of course we all love the intelligence of Michael Savage my virtual neighbor here in Marin County and I even ran against his great son Russel who owns Rock Star drinks, for the California State Senate Primaries,  for the Republican party and obviously  I lost but spent the least and Russ Savage lost also the general election after spending over thirty thousand and I lost the primary election after  only spending a thousand or less, then who really won in the end and got more publicity or bang for the buck,  or votes for dollar spent then me...!?

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