Monday, January 23, 2017

Thoughts on the subject of concubines by Peter Romanowsky

A concubine is basically a slave girl or second clasx wife depending on the culture and for  instance Ottomen Sultans didn't bother getting married because of thier large harams except for Sulimen the Magnificent who was the first Sultan to engage in a marriage,  to a Ukrainian women and put away or sold off his virgin concubines and concubineage is still practiced under Shariah Law Muslims as well as adult and child slavery and sex slavery and child marriage.....thier is no age limit under Shariah Law for marriage and usually they usually wait to have sexuel intercourse until eight or nine as with Mohamed's six year old bride's case and Israel also had children my his two wive's concubines of which the twelve tribes came from and Abraham had a concubine named Hagar from which Ismael, the father of the Arab nations came from but  the line of heritage went through Abraham's wife Sarah through Issac as the son of his wife and not through the concubine Hagar and son  Ismael and that is just one of the ways things were usually done with various forms of concubinage and dependng on what nation or  culture one lived in and also if a wife could not produce an hier then the child of a concubine would do...King Solomen had 600 wives and 400 the West concubines are called mistresses, paramores or courtisens ...Abraham put away his concubine Hagar and son Ismael reluctantly under pressure of Sarah his legal wife but God blessed Ismael to be the father of many nations also...but the Abrahamic blessings to the whole world would come through Abrahama's son Isaac from which the Messiah would eventually come from the Son of God Jesus...disambiguation welcome...concubinage  is a very complicated subject and depending on what nation or culture practices it from Asia and  China  to the Middle East ....some concubines became great and powerful women especially when they produced the only hier of a rulers childless wife....The term pilegesh comes from a non-Hebrew, non-Semitic loanword deriving from the Greek word pallakis (Greek παλλακίς)[2][3][4] meaning a mistress staying in house; there is a common but unfounded view that it derives from the Aramaic phrase plag isha, meaning half-wife.[citation needed]

In contemporary Israeli Hebrew, the word "pilegesh" is often used as the equivalent of English "mistress"—i.e. the female partner in extramarital relations even when these relations have no legal "marriage" depending on the laws and customs of the land and various  cultures ...gravestones in pagan Rome states my concubine...even though Greeks and Romans only had one legal wife...concubine slave wives were common...and had rights of inheritage...and especially if and when one produces a only child or hier....Suleiman the Manigicent was the greatest of all Ottomen Kalifs and broke tradition of producing hiers to the dynasty by insuring hiers perpetually by producing them through concubine slaves instead of relaying on wives that sometimes did not produce hurts like in Europe and broke tradition by marrying one of his slave concubines a Ukrainian and daughter of an Orthodox Christian priest and dismissed all his virgin concubines for apparently true love and also had a dream that he must rebuild the walls of Jerusalem to this day seen and admired and like the King of Babylon Nebucadnezzer who converted to the God of Israel but could not change the minds of his subjects on Baal worship had to play alone with the game of the ruling majority and even though having absolute autocratic authority and only God yruely knows what is in a rulers heart and whether be a Muslim outwardly of a worshippers of the pagan Baal god of fertility to corrections..on the marriage he issue of the first European style of wedding rather then having a Haram to guarantee hiers and an unbroken dynasty ...

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