Friday, January 13, 2017

Urban mining Salvaging and recycling by Peter Romanowsky

After a devestationg divorce and loss of family and home in 1984, the week or month the Nightmare on Elm St came out with Jobnny Depp and of course I lived on Elm Syreet and was give 48 hours to Leave my home and family and booms and only able to take my personal effects and a Nomad trailer that 1 planbed to use to go on a marriage counceling vacation in at the encouragement of my wife and little did I know the conspiricy of my inlaws to have me removed from the family ficture unless I submitted to the family plan which did not include my conservative Christhian views, needless to say I was devestated and in my mid thirties abd thought that I had finally arrived at a place of rest and detirment with out best joint intocome since our martiage and two bar garage and two room guest house and three healtby children but how wkrong I was. No obe could touch me beibg and having a history as a minister and being a respectable part of my larger family. But how wrong I was, I had no one one standing with me in the end and that is how life gkes when you are alm alone and have to start a over sgain all alone. My first order of busines now was pure mental, emotional and physical survival, I was given up yk seventy four hours tp leave my home and fsmily after skxteen years of marriage and I had given up a higher education in the secular world and developed no trade to fall back on except my natural l gift of mechanics,  but haven't worked as one since a teen apprentice but I also devolped a talent for property management and rental from using our large home and mini estate first as a Christian Disciple House and then eventually into rental property by renting out rooms.

    But for now my immediate need is to nos only brace for the divorce and it's fall  outs but to brace myself for winter as this divorce happened on Thanksgivings Eve and winter is approaching and all I cpuld think of is a place to stay warm, for my trailer had no adequate heat but I had no place to park it so I started heading for Florida to wait out the winter and I left on Thanksgiving Eve and my first stop over, over the cold cruel winter desert and stopped along the way with the laxt homeless person and friend that was witb me that I was helping and my only companion. We are a Turkey dinner in a proverbial greasy spoon truck stop style roadside resyeraunt, clean and quaint but but brutally iconic and ironic. The desert is really cold at night and especially in the winter and looks as bleak as he, in the cold. But somewhere the sun had to shine eventially that cold and dark Thanksgiving  night and the Sun did finally shine in Los Vagus and even tbough we got thier that in the day towards evening and found my old Christian friend and brother in Christ, Larry Smith. Now Larry Smith tried to warn me in tears of what was about to happen to me but I could not see it at the time, all looked so well and everything seemed fine and prophetous and happy and bright for the future and making plans to go back to Israel with my family and spend some time there as missionaries as a family and live and rent a flat in Bethlehelm and even my mother inlaw thought that it would be a good idea to go somewhere for a while in  Hawaii, where she was married, etc.

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