Saturday, January 7, 2017

Views on Black Slavery history in Ametica

Time for Micheal to teach all ack students that tbey are in the most blessed nation on earth and have multiplied and prospered more then any black nation on earth and that thier ancesters came as aves from couqured nations and Muslim slave traders and most slaves are used historically and then eliminated afyer thier working years are spent and tbat is the way it has been historicay but instead the Democratic institutions that brought the 500,000 Africa slaves to America have to built abortion clinics to keep thier populations down and unheard of in other nations eccept for ancient Egypt atemp to control the Hewbrew population and at a minimum 500,000 Germens who surrendered to the Soviet Communist International Socialist if not in tbe millions...where exterminated in slave labour camps in Siberia a long with countlesz otbers of whom my Russian  grandmother survived the White Sea Slave labpur camp after being releazed by Stalin's wife and yes she too was a slave and there more white slaves in Russia and Germany and other cou tries allied to them then any spoiled and deliberately unexucated black in Ametica can ever image...who wete worked to deatb and then exterminated...Support your local preacher...Peter Romanowsky PayPay non profit donation tel. Number 415 347 0734...meanwhile every black in the world dreams of coming to least to be taxi drivers...Sadam Hussain's last job...

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