Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Privateer Chaplin of San Francisco Bay

Chaplin's Log 1/11/17 of San Francisco Bay...With over two million Hindus in America and some  millions of Buddists and both of all thier pseudo followers or members as well as Jews are not terrorists or do terrorists acts being attributed to them and only by sympathizers or followers of Mohamedism being the perpetrators of such acts, proves that Islam is the Anti Christian and Jew by name,  as a religion of the Devil and not of Gabriel the Angel and Mohamed and the false gospel and narrative of the Devil in writing of the most unholy Quran and its s historically murderous leadership over it's forced by the sword and and taxes and starvation into conversion,  into the house of the Devil Islam and Oobama and his followers taboot...Privateer Chaplin of San Francisco Bay...C.E.O. of the New Covenant Evangelistic Association, Inc. And send your support of preaching the fearless true visa via PayPal by downloading the app...a 601C3 non profit orginization...

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