Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fantasy part two of Peter Pan and Hook by Peter Romanowsky

Part two based on the movie Hook fanrady by Peter Romanowsky ...as thegood Ship Galilee sailed through the emerald skies and over the torquise sea with Capatian Hooks evil ship following in hot persuit firing his bannobs in vain as Tinkerbell sprinkles flying fust on the cannon balls to make the fly up they began to approch the lost boys island around a kaleidoscope sunset ans still ahead of Hook and then Peter's ship landed in a hidden mangrove swamp amobg the twisted hidden trees...and Hook's ship landed near the golden strand beach in plain view for the night and Peter and the lost boys made thier way to thier tree forts  for the night high up in the canopies and out of reach of Hook's raiding party for the night ...to be continued

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