Monday, January 9, 2017

Chapils Log 1/9/17 San Francisco Bay by Peter Romanowsky

Chaplins Log Privateers of San Francisco Bay....If your a middle or upper class Playboy or Gay and contract a social per existing disease like Aids and cant get Cadillac heath insurance there is always the option of pleading poverty and living in the cibdition your in instead of putting your playboy lifestyle on everyone else...everyone one on the poverty or low income  level has free health insurance....PS we only take ships that are in need of rescue and expect to be paid for sa lvage rights...if something looks questionable and everything is fifty/fifty, we takes the booty...if we need it...for we give ourselves the benifit of the doubt...for simply survivals sake and not for partying and lust ...and are in our waters now...keep your ship sea worthy and your bulges pumped and your anchors deep and your anchor lines maintained of you will be a navigation hazard and may have your ship cut loose if draghing into another...during a storm...and it becomes salvage...if further untended...survival on the water is like nothing on earth...its like mountain serious mistake or slip and one may be in the waters so cold that one can short time from hypothermia...send ypur support by downloading PayPay App for our non profit Waterfront Sausalito Church through telepne number 415 347 0734 or sponsored by the New Covenant Evangelsitic Association, Inc.

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